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ondergrond kader

Anathema / Amplifier

2012-04-28 - Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Weather Systems Tour

Setlist Anathema

  1. Intro - A New Machine (Part 1) (Pink Floyd song)
  2. Untouchable, Part 1
  3. Untouchable, Part 2
  4. Lightning Song
  5. Thin Air
  6. Dreaming Light
  7. Deep
  8. Emotional Winter
  9. Wings of God
  10. A Simple Mistake
  11. The Storm Before the Calm
  12. The Beginning and the End
  13. Universal
  14. Panic
  15. The Lost Child
  16. Internal Landscapes (stopped and restarted mid way)
  17. Closer
  18. A Natural Disaster
  19. Flying
  20. Shroud of False
  21. Fragile Dreams

Note: Encores were played right after main set, as Jamie Cavanagh had difficulties leaving the stage due to injury

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Setlist Amplifier

  1. Continuum
  2. Panzer
  3. Motorhead
  4. The Wave
  5. Interglacial Spell
  6. Interstellar
  7. Neon
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