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Neal Morse Band (featuring Mike Portnoy) / The Flower Kings

2013-03-06 - Cultuurpodium de Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Prog Rock Royalty Supersession 2013

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The Flower Kings

  1. Numbers
  2. My Cosmic Lover
  3. The Truth Will Set You Free
  4. Circus Brimstone
  5. Rising the Imperial


  1. Last Minute on Earth / In the Eyes of the World (medley)

Neal Morse Band (featuring Mike Portnoy)

  1. Momentum
  2. Weathering Sky
  3. Author of Confusion
  4. The Temple Of The Living God (Part 1) (? Suite)
  5. Another World (? Suite)
  6. Sweet Elation (Second half) (? Suite)
  7. 12 (Second half) (? Suite)
  8. Entrance (? Suite)
  9. Inside His Presence (? Suite)
  10. Thoughts Part 5
  11. World Without End

Encore: Transatlantic Medley Neal Morse Band and The Flower Kings

  1. Bridge Across Forever (Transatlantic song) (with Roine Stolt)
  2. All of the Above (Transatlantic song)
    (Part I - Full Moon Rising / Beginning of Part II - October Winds)
  3. Overture (Transatlantic song) (Second half)
  4. A Man Can Feel (Transatlantic song)
  5. Rose Colored Glasses (Transatlantic song)
  6. Stranger In Your Soul (Transatlantic song)
    (with The Flower Kings) (Part VI - Stranger in Your Soul)
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