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Welcome to livemusicandstuff.com, a place where I try to keep track all of the Pop, Rock and Metal-concerts that I have attended from 1983 onwards to this present day.

I have many hobbies but going to a live-concert is one of my favorite. Around 2008 I finally decided to dedicate a website with my (blurred) memories and stubs-and-ticket-collection that I collected throughout the years.

You may as well consider this website as my “personal-gig-diary” with my own personal point of view of how I witnessed these concerts without claiming to have all the facts and information right. Having said that I hope that you enjoy your stay at livemusicandstuff.com

Many thanks to the following people who’d help me out with additions and corrections to this website; John van Empel, Jerry Mudde, Gertjan van der Drift, Aram van Schoonderwalt and Martin Jansen and at last but not least my lovely wife José and daughter Melody.